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100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044

100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044

100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044    100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044
Dark Green 100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Beautiful Xinjiang Hetian JADE Bangle 69x57x15mm #B044 " ". 100% Lowest Prices on All Products. Genuine Natural A Grade JADE Jadeite Bangle " ". Our bangles or products are genuine untreated Grade'A'. Jade is an ornamental stone. Jade is actually the gemstone name for two different mineral forms, Jadeite and Nephrite.

Both types of Jade are tough, since they consist of dense, close-grained, matted aggregates, but they differ from one another in their chemical composition and colors. Nephrite ranges mainly from mid to dark green or grey-green, but it can also be white, yellowish or reddish. Rarer, and somewhat tougher, Jadeite displays hues which include green, but also white or pink, and reds, blacks, browns and violets. In both minerals, the way the color is distributed varies a great deal.

Only in the very finest Jade is the color evenly distributed. Both Nephrite and Jadeite often have veins, blemishes and streaks running through them, though these may not always be regarded as flaws.

On the contrary, some of these patterns are considered particularly valuable. So if a jade bangle has slightly light inner stone veins or lines, they are not cracked, not fracture. They are from the original stone. These are part of natural jade bangle or stone and not considered to be defects. If your jade is "perfect", it might be an artificial or constructed jade, not a genuine jade.

Jade or a Jade bangle no flaws is very expensive, and no jade is absolutely perfect. Dark Green Please see pictures. 100% guaranteed natural in color. Outer x (inner diameter) x width This is a beautiful "medium" Jade bangle, it's perfectly size for woman hands. Measure the widest width of your Palm Breadth , match it with the Inner Diameter of the bangle of your choice based on the below chart.

A grade , excellent condition, 100% handmade. Jadeite jade is proved to be more profitable in these years. The price of jade rises about 100% to 50% per year. But only those all natural jadeite can be looked as estate, which is called A type (or grade A) jade. There are three grades of jade.

Jade is graded as A, B, or C to identify the type of treatment used on the jade. It does not refer to the quality. A-grade jade is in its natural, untreated state. The color is considered natural because the stone hasn't undergone any artificial treatments.

This type of jadeite jade can be bought as a real precious stone or investment. B-grade jade is natural jade that has been treated with a polymer. C-grade jade is natural jade that has been treated with a color enhancer. Some experienced craftsmen and traders can examine jadeite jade with naked eyes, by its color and luster.

To consumers, the best way to judge a piece of jadeite jade is to ask for an identification certificate by a testing centre. Ometime color may vary slightly due to the color calibration of each individual monitor, but you will received the EXACT jade as displayed in the photos.

Collection, Ideal as a gift for someone you care for or keep for yourself. We will do our best to make you happy. If you received the items are satisfied.

We will be happy for your feedback, it's very important to us. If you receive the items feels unsatisfied. Please don't make the negative or neutral feed back for us.

We can reply you in 24 hours. How can I find my bangle size? Finding a right size of bangle for you. Hand size bangle size you should wear (inner diameter).

Size Inner Diameter of Bangle. Tips: Usually there's friction between one's hand and the Bangle, so if you can't wear the bangle, please apply a little soap on your hand, then please try again, you will find it will be easier to wear.

How to Keep a Jade's Color Jade is a very delicate stone that is susceptible to corrosion from chemicals and wear, both of which will contribute to the color dulling over time. You must take care of jade jewelry to keep its color bright.

Be careful to never drop or bump a jade stone as it could crack, which diminishes the brilliance and value. Unlike other stones, jade requires moisture to maintain its luster. There are several steps you can take to maintain jade.

Move the jade stone out of direct sunlight. Sunlight dries up moisture in the stone and causes it to form fine cracks.

Cracks can also appear inside the stone and eventually these cracks rise to the surface. Store the jade in a box or case. Dust the jade stone at least once a week with a clean, lint-free cloth. Dusting maintains the integrity of the stone.

Remove dirt and grime from the stone. Pour a cup of warm water and three drops of dishwashing soap into a bowl.

Place the jade stone in the bowl and wash it with a soft bristle brush. Dry the jade with a clean lint-free towel. Wipe the surface of the jade stone with a wet lint-free cloth and allow it to air dry. Jade requires some moisture to maintain its brilliance. Keep the jade jewelry away from perfume, perspiration or other chemicals on or off your body. These chemicals can corrode the stone. All photos are taken under fluorescent light or natural daylight without any Photoshop colors enhance.

We tried our best to take photos from the actual object, sometimes the camera, different lighting and angle, optical fiber, monitor various reason still may form the picture and the actual object chromatic aberration. Jade color also may look different depends on the actual lighting and angles viewing the object. The item "100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044" is in sale since Wednesday, December 17, 2014. This item is in the category "Jewelry & Watches\Loose Diamonds & Gemstones\Loose Gemstones\Jade\Other Jade". The seller is "mj23ny" and is located in New York, New York.

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  • Color: Dark Green

100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044    100% Natural (Untreated) A Grade Hetian Dark Green JADE Bangle #B044