Natural Untreated Loose Gemstones

1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED

1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED

1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED    1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED
1 Burmese Green Type A Jadeite Designer Cabochon. 13 x 13 x 1.5 mm. Many other styles, colors, sizes, and quality available. Please contact me for more information. Comes in hand made Thai purse and gift box.

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Messages at least twice daily unless I. Inclusions: The natural jadeite pattern you. Can see within natural Jadeite which may. Look like streaks, spots, or cracks is naturally.

Formed millions of years ago. B, C, & D Grade is bleached to remove inclusions. That are not wanted, like black spots. Jadeite is natural, and untreated. Chime: Jadeite chimes like a bell when struck. The finer the grain , the. Has very fine grain and a very high chime. The higher the pitch of the Chime is one of the. Tests to determine the quality of jadeite. Stone lines: Geological pressure during the.

Jadeite evolution causes the structure of the. Jadeite to be different throughout. See this in all jadeite under 10x magnification. And you can often see it without any.

It looks similar to cracks in ice. And it might look like a crack, but is not a crack. It is called a healed crack that is naturally formed. "Fine grained" jadeite has fewer of these natural.

Lines, and the "chime" is higher pitched depending. On the grade of jadeite.

Grains: Inter-granular cracks in the fibrous. Structure of natural untreated genuine jade or. Is not cracked or damaged, it is the way. It was formed from mother earth, a natural.

Green Jade- is the most common color of jade. It is thought to be calming to the nervous system. Green jade is thought to represent life and growth. And to assist one in finding their heart true desire. It is associated with the heart chakra and is thought.

To make it easier for the wearer to express love. White or Cream Jade- is used to direct ones energy. And assist in concentration, by filtering out unwanted. White and cream jade has long been. Used to boost energy and to ascertain what the highest. Outcome for a given situation will be. Lavender Jade- is said to bring one in touch with their. Emotions, especially the softer side. It is said to assist. In honest communication and self control. Given as a gift to someone who has been hurt or. Jade Symbolises purity and serenity. Attracts good luck and promotes self. Thoughts and awakens inner knowledge.

Said to encourage compassion and. Humility and to promote longevity. Associated with the kidneys, and used. Metaphysical and Other Properties of.

Jade I found on the Internet. Zodiac Sign: Aries, Taurus, Gemini. Libra (Jadeite Aries, Nephrite Libra). Used for serenity, wisdom, balance.

All things associated with the best. Is the ultimate symbol of calm and. It helps bring serenity to. The mind by releasing negative. A stone of balance and. Healing, it alleviates anxiety and. Harmony with the Heart Chakra. The heart Chakra to love energy. Spirituality: Jade is said to encourage.

Self-realization and help us to. Recognize ourselves as spiritual beings. Longevity: Believed to bring the.

Holder a long and fruitful life. Luck: Know as a good luck and. Detachment: Helps you to be. Calm and accept your surroundings. For what they are, instilling a sense. Of detachment to the chaos, and not. Claiming it for your own.

Discernment: Jade helps the wearer. To sense the truth in all situations. Dreams: Helps one with remember.

Their dreams, and provide help with. Desires: Also helps you in bringing. Your dreams into reality, and in. Love Stone: Jade is given by lovers. As a statement of their love and.

Devotion to each other, and used. In lovemaking for its known erotic. Properties and the enhancement of. Humanitarian: Jade helps you to. Tune into the needs of others, rising.

Above yourself, and gives your insight. Priorities: Helps you to put things in. The proper perspective, and focus on. The primary concerns for today. Long been a sacred stone.

It was often included with Chinese. Grave goods to give vitality to the.

It was also often used for. Weather magic to call up snow. Danger for children, Jade can undo. It is also a symbol of. Purity, serenity, and nurturing and is. Placed on the soma chakra it can bring. Jade symbolizes the personality and. Helps to integrate mind and body. Jade encourages you to become who. You really are, recognizing yourself. As a spiritual being on a human journey. Jade is the prince of peace and. It acts quietly as a. Jade dispels negativity by the constant. Emission of soothing and cleaning. Jade symbolizes the Confucian virtues. Of wisdom, compassion, modesty, justice. And courage as well as the female erotic. The mysteries of Jade are ancient and to. This day jade still persists to mystify.

Admirers with its unique qualities as the. Bring its wearer good health, good luck.

For this reason Jade is. Considered priceless as it stands for the. Essence of purity and the symbol of life. Jade also helps to calm one down. It helps you to accept things that are.

Difficult in your life and makes things. Appear to go much smoother than they. It keeps you from disconnecting. Jade is a stone that. Helps you to realize the needs of others.

It is also good for helping you to understand. What is of prime importance for you to do on. Self-assurance, self-sufficiency and to be. Jade also gives purity and serenity, attracts. Good luck and promotes self sufficiency.

Helps release negative thoughts and. Compassion and humility and to promote. Associated with the kidneys, and.

Jade derives its name from theish piedra de hijada. Meaning stone of the loins, so called because of the belief that. It could cure ailments pertaining to the loins, or kidneys. Been held in high esteem by the Chinese since ancient times.

And was carved into beautiful love tokens and talismans and. Artifacts found include simple discs or buttons but jade was. Also used in prehistoric knives and weaponry. Occurring in shades of green, nephrite jade can also be creamy.

Jade Symbolises purity and serenity, attracts good luck and. And humility and to promote longevity.

Kidneys, and used for detoxifying. Jade is the 12th, 30th and 35th Wedding Anniversary Gemstone. In the West, Jade is considered to be nature's tranquilizer, a stone. Which helps us to be more claim and relaxed. In Chinese, Feng Shui believed jade to have the.

Power to bring you good luck, ward off evil. Spirits and keep demons away. Jade and the land of China. Jade has been adored and revered by the Chinese people since. From the down of civilization, in spite of the formidable. That have fallen upon the Chinese, bothsentiment toward jade and. The tradition of jade artistry haveendured the passage of time and.

Chemically speaking a silicate of calcium and magnesium, nephrite. Belongs to the amphibole group of minerals.

Nephrites has been frequently employed as a working material. Nephritie appears in numerous colors, snowy white, bluish white. Yellowish hue, brown, gray, black, green. Commonly use in jade carving art.

A silicate of sodium and aluminum, jadeite is classed as a pyroxene. Although in class different from nephrite, jadeite shares many. Characteristics with it, namely a high degree of hardness and. Firmness, and a luster that lends an appearance of transparency. Additionally, variations is iron content result in brownish-red.

Dark green, or lavender hues. Presence of minute amounts of. A, B, C Jade Type or grade A , B, C , commonly use by jade.

Dealers to identify the different type of treatment of the jade. Not refer the quality grading of the jade. Type A or Grade A. Type B or Grade B. Natural Jade treated with polymer. Type C or Grade C. Natural Jade treated with enhanced color. Use mild soap and warm water is the easiest and safest. Use soft towel to dry. Off when you are cooking or cleaning. Avoid chemical cleaners at all costs.

JADE IS A POSSESSION TO BE CHERISHED BY. Chinese women ask for jade ornaments for their hair.

And old men keep in their hand a piece of cool jade. So smooth that it seems soft to touch. Jade grows more beautiful with age. Courtesan has her bit of jade. Most sumptuous jewel against a womans flesh.

Jade has been accepted by the Chinese as the bridge. Between man as he is and man as he ought to be.

It was the link that connected Heaven and Earth. The bridge from life to immortality. Styles derived theirinspiration from the special place in. The Heavens accorded this mysterious stone. The perforated disk (or pi) was meant to be a device.

Through which men spoke to the gods: the six ritual colors. (green, blue, lavender, red, yellow, white and black). Were cut and carved in specific ways by the Imperial Court. Of China to convey obeisance to Heaven.

Entombed with the owner to prevent decomposition. Almost every object or force in nature is found in the. Mountains, rivers, oceans, insects, thunder, lightening. Rain, the moon, sun and stars, and all types of animals. (both real and imaginary) all had their place and meaning.

In ancient China, as in modern China, virtually all important. Occasions in life are celebrated by the giving of a piece of. Jade: births, marriages and business agreements are a few. There is a class of thin, sequin-like carvings. Often referred to as baby jade after the custom of sewing.

Them onto baby clothes to bolster an infants health trough. It is considered good luck to own jade and even. Better luck to receive it.

Many Chinese even today believe. That the longer one owns a piece of jade, the finer it becomes. Jade is the collective term for two substances: Nephrite. (a silicate of magnesium) and Jadeite (a silicate of aluminum). Nephrite, the older of the two, is known to date as far back.

As Chinese recorded history, at least 5,000 years ago. It is inseparably linked with Chinese worship, court ceremonials. Its toughness accounts for the fact.

That it first appeared as farming implements, knives and bowls. It was also known and used by the pre-Colombians, the Aztecs. And the New Zealand Maoris.

Even Aladdin, before he found his. Lamp, marveled at the jade trees in the caverns. Mined in China until about the Han dynasty (306 BC 220 AD).

When Chinese supply dwindled, and thereafter from the region. Jadeite is a comparatively modern stone, being carved to any. Great extent only since about 1750. It came to China from Siam. Which is still the only important source for Jadeite. Jade today is actually Jadeite. It is renowned for its brilliant green. Color; its value today far surpasses that of nephrite, whose worth. Primarily derives from its antiquity. Jadeite accepts a very bright and lustrous. Polish because of its micro crystalline structure. While nephrite usually has a waxy texture.

Most modern authorities rarely bother to distinguish the two. Substances and they are both simply regarded as Jade. Because of its toughness, jade is extremely difficult to carve. As the ancients said, it was worked with its own dust. Legend has it that men spent a lifetime creating the perfect.

Carving that best used the material and wasted least. The Imperial Court, which forbid the general public from. Owning jade, employed its own staff of artists.

The Empress Dowager owned 5,000 ebony boxes filled with. The very toughness of jade makes it ideally suited for fine. Its durability insured the fact that many. Generations in the same family could own and admire the.

Exact same piece of stone. This is why jade must not be. Considered as an ordinary gemstone.

The 5,000 year history of jade carving reached its. During the Boxer Rebellion, with the new foreign interest. In jade, carving took on a more decorative and fine. Characteristic, and continued the tradition of Chien.

Modern jade carving is conducted primarily. In Hong Kong with Peking-trained carvers and their. The greatest threat today to the continuation. Of the long tradition is not the lack of manpower, but the. How Much Should It Cost?

How much to pay for a piece of jade jewelry? Question every consumer must ponder. Antique pieces that are literally priceless; in its finer. Qualities, jade can be the most expensive jewel in. One Chinese emperor offered fifteen.

Cities for a piece of jade carving he could hold in. As an investment, jade has had a long record of sound. And fluctuating markets to increase in value in the past. And will continue to do so in the future. Proverb says (in part): sell all.

Keep in mind that while all jade. Always appreciate the most rapidly. Of the six basic colors of jade, green is the traditional. Color, and the most expensive. Popularity are red and lavender, and their respective.

Prices are also on the rise. There are at least 100. Celadon green, apple green, leaf green, Imperial green. Imperial jade is a term much misused today. It originally referred to jade in the Imperial coffers.

But now denotes a stone that is a bright deep, lustrous. What nature has given to the world is not unlimited in. As world interest in jade grows, the supply. Of fine material diminishes and few new mines have.

Openedin the last few decades. Is re-cut from older pieces. It is inevitable that the law. Of supply and demand shall drive prices higher. Jade is virtually unique in that it.

Is traded by the piece. One must appraise a piece. According to how pleasing one finds it: how fine. The color, clarity, carving style, texture.

Size is important, but not the only consideration. Far more important is how.

Jade, as with most other gems, has its imitations. Most frequently encountered are serpentine and. Soapstone which are passed off as nephrite. Jadeite imitations include dyed marble.

Green glass (Peking Glass), grossularite garnet. Plastic, chrysophrase a natural Australian stone. Of much less value than genuine jade, and pale.

Natural jade stones that have been color-enhanced. Dyed jade often fades quickly. And can sometimes be spotted by noticing stronger. Coloration in the natural inclusions that characterize.

Always be suspicious of unusually low. The importance of choosing a qualified and reputable.

He is in a position to. Obtain the best pieces from the best sources. Integrity to stand behind his merchandise with. What is jade and jadeite? Over 100 million years ago, when the magma gushed. From the earth crust and became cool some minerals. Experienced complicated chemical reactions thus jade. The true jade namely nephrite. Consists of silicates of calcium and magnesium. It varies in colors according to the proportion of.

Jadeite is harder and consists of. Silicates of alumina and sodium, which is regarded. As an excellent substitute for jade. One hundred and seventy different kinds of valuable.

Stones are frequently included in the term jade. What is the Difference between nephrite(jade). Physical and chemical characteristics Nephrite Jadeite. Chemical composition Ca2(Mg, Fe)5Si6O22(OH).

Mineral composition Amphibole Group Pyroxene Group. Hardness 6-6.5 6.5-7. Specific gravity 2.9-3.1 3.33. Refractive index 1.62 1.65-1.66. Polished surfaces Smooth with a waxy sheen Hard and.

Spotty or clustered distribution; white, grey, green. The jade culture of China is very deep and rich. On the sites of Hongshan Culture and Hemudu. Culture archaeologists have found jade objects. Which can date back to the early Neolithic period.

At that time ancient Chinese. Used jade stones as tools and ornaments. Ancient Chinese in the Xia, Shang, Zhou dynasties. (21st century BC to 8th century BC) used round flat. Piece of jade with a hole in the middle, which was.

Called yu bi to worship the heaven and used long. Hollow piece jade with rectangular sides, which was. Called yu cong to worship the earth. Very important ritual implement in ancient China. Ancient Chinese revered jade and they believed.

Jade was the talisman and it had miraculous power. To keep evil spirits away and protected the wearer. The ancient nobles and royalties possessed jade.

Ornaments and jade ware to show their power. Even buried in the coffin as they believed that jade. Could keep the dead body from being decayed. The famous jade clothing sewn with gold thread. Was discovered from one ancient tomb of the.

Western Han Dynasty(202BC-8AD) in 1968. It was made of 2,498 jade pieces and 1,100 grams. It is the funerary dress for the.

Emperors and high ranking nobles in the Han. Chinese people even endowed jade. With a lot of cultural connotations.

The quality of jade people compared their virtue. Jade is warm, smooth, lenitive with. Luster, which is like the virtue of benevolence. Jade is translucent and its flaws can be seen.

Which is like the virtue of honesty and loyalty. Jade can be broken yet can not be bent. Which is the virtue of braveness.

Send good and clear sound when being struck. Which is like the virtue of wisdom. When cut but does not injure people, which is. Like the virtue of righteousness.

Gentlemen with good virtues wore jade and. Would not take jade off without special reasons. Actually the virtues of jade tally with the.

Traditional Confucian norms, which were. Widely advocated by ancient Chinese. Jade in Chinese is pronounced yu and it. Stands for beauty, purity and good virtue. So it is always related to other words and.

Jade will not become ware without. Being carved and polished that indicates man.

Will not become a useful person without being. To be like jade and flower means. The girl is so beautiful and charming. Jade words means the Emperors words. Keep the body as jade means to keep ones.

The God in Chinese Taoism is. Character of jade (yu) is always used in names. One of the Four Beauties in Chinese history. Named Yang Yuhuan, the beloved concubine. Of Emperor Xuanzong in the Tang Dynasty.

Yang is her surname and her. Given name is Yuhuan, which means jade ring.

Altogether there are hundreds of Chinese. (the basic structural part of a Chinese character). Jade is really very important in. The value of jade and jadeite. Jade is rare with beautiful natural colors and it is.

Difficult to find and to mine. Jade is hard and is. That is why jade is regarded.

As gemstone with diamond, ruby, sapphire and. All over the world there are very few.

Chinese people went to the mountains or. Riverbed to try their luck to look for jade. After thousands of years exploitation.

High quality jade stones become almost depleted. Jade is hard, especially jadeite with the hardness of. (on the basis of the hardness of diamond is 10). Today man-made diamonds can be very close to the. Not be man-made like natural ones. There is price for gold but there is no price for jade. Imperial green that is translucent is very rare. And a bracelet that is all imperial. The health protection function of jade. Jade is used in the practice of Traditional Chinese. Commonly, it is ground into fine powders. Jade has the function of calming the soul. Maintaining healthy blood circulation, and clearing.

It can moisten the heart and. Moisten, here refers to a positive. Maintenance of the liquid medium that protects and. Jade powers to prevent and cure disease.

It has been a major medical ingredient for treatment. And as prevention for aging. Chinese people believe that jade can ward off evil. Spirits and bring good luck.

It is the talisman of. Modern science and technology indicate. That the jade contains the zinc, magnesium, copper. These micro elements are good to human body. Usually wearing jade, human body skin can absorb. Micro elements from the jade. Balance of inner organs of human body. When wear jade it can massage a certain. Acupuncture points to stimulate the blood circulation. Jade can store Energy Qi and keep Yin and.

Jade can absorb sunlight in daytime. And can release it at night. The producing area of jade in China. The four most famous jade stones in China are.

Hetian jade in Xinjiang Uigur Autonomous Reign. Dushan jade in Nanyang, Henan Province, Xiuyan. Jade in xiuyan city, Liaoning Province, turquoise in. The quality criteria of jade lies in many aspects. Such as the brightness of color and luster. Compactness of inner structure, workmanship. Of the carving and so on. Creates an oily luster and jadeite creates a. Tiny cracks can lower the value. Of jade; on real jade, air bubbles can not be seen. The more lenitive jade has the higher quality it has.

The value of Jadeite and how does the treatment. An investment, for example, diamond. Proved to be more profitable in these years.

The price of jadeite rises about. 100% to 50% per year. But only those all natural jadeite can be looked as.

Estate, which is called Grade A jadeite. Jadeite is treated, it can only act as an ordinary. Accessory or ordinary product, no longer a. Precious stone, because its texture is damaged.

And durability is greatly decreased. Been worn for a certain period of time, irregular. Why the price of all natural jadeite is far higher. Than treated ones, which is the difference.

Between precious stone and ordinary accessory. A real precious stone, remember. To choose grade A jadeite. There is now a new lexicon in the jade world. "A" jade indicates natural jadeite. Jadeite jade (either bleached or not). What are A Grade jadeite, B Grade type. C Grade and so on? Grade A jadeite: all natural jadeite. Can be bought as a real precious stone or investment.

Grade A jadeite is more translucent with natural. It can send clear and metal like sound. Grade B type jadeite : the natural jadeite is. Soaked in a mixed strong acid solution.

Next, soak it in epoxy resin mixed with. Then take it out and heat it to. This kind of treatment can. Improve the color and transparency of the jade. But its texture is damaged and durability is.

It can send dull sound. B type jadeite can also be called natural color. Jadeite , because it is not dyed, its color is really. As an additional question to confirm the jadeite you. Grade C jadeite: colored or dyed jadeite. Grade C jadeite: the jade is dyed after acid-treated. And resin-filled, which results in beautiful color and. But the color is not natural and.

The durability is greatly decreased. This kind is not real jadeite It is another kind of jade. Or stone but looks like jadeite.

Jadeite because jadeite is he most precious and. Expensive one in the jade-like minerals. Identification of Grade A, Grade B type, Grade C. Craftsmen and traders can examine jadeite.

With naked eyes, by its color and luster or by its sound. To consumers, the best way to judge a piece.

Of jadeite is to ask for a gemologist identification. Certificate by a testing center. How to take care of jade and jadeite? People believe jade has life and soul and it needs. Bumped on hard surfaces as jade is delicate.

Although sometimes a crack can not be seen by. The naked eye, the interior structure may have. As time goes on, it will appear. From dust or greasy dirt. Be scrubbed with a soft cloth or washed.

Thirdly, when left unused it is. Best to store the jade in a case or box to. Protect it from being bumped.

Be kept away from perfume or chemicals otherwise. Fifthly, do not expose jade to sunlight. For a long time, otherwise it may expand and the. Water content so do not keep it in a dry area. The history of jade carving in China.

Jade carving appeared in China in the Neolithic. Period and it became a separated profession in the.

Shang and Zhou dynasties about 3,000 years ago. The excavations have shown the fine workmanship. The craftsmanship of jade carving. Jade is hard and it is extremely difficult to carve but.

Chinese craftsmen created incredibly intricate. Ornaments and jewelry from jade.

Craftsmen used Carborundum and diamond to. It is still a time consuming. Handwork although some operations have become.

Faster with the use of simple machines today. The materials used for jade carving include all kinds.

Of hard stones, such as jadeite, nephrite, red agate. Crystal, turquoise, malachite, emerald, amethyst, coral. Lapis lazuli, ruby and sapphire. It is a special skill to use.

The natural colors of a piece of jade to create an effective. Design so the most expensive ones are not those of one.

Single color but those of multiple colors. Such as jade bowl, jade plate, jade statues of animals and.

Jade jewelry used as personal ornaments such as rings. Famous jade carvings in China. There is a famous story about a piece of jade (heshibi).

Which was believed the most priceless treasure. In 689BC one man called Bianhe found this jade which. Was hidden under the veil of a coarse stone.

He contributed it to the king of State Chu but the king. Cut off his legs because the king didnt know the value. Later the stone was cut and it proved to. Be a valuable jade and it was named.

Follow-up story of the famous jade. Fell into the hands of King Zhao.

The king of the State Qin. The most powerful state during the Warring States Period. State Zhao by using his 15 cities, but his trick failed. Later on the Kingdom Qin unified China, the emperor.

Qinshihuang got this jade and he ordered craftsman to. Carve it into a stamp. This imperial stamp was carved. With 8 Chinese characters shou ming yu tian, ji shou. Yong chang, which means Being given the order.

From heaven, enjoy long life and flourish. On this imperial stamp became the token of supreme. This national treasure was lost in.

Large sized jade articles began to appear. In the middle of Chinese feudalism. There is today in the.

Round City of the Beihai Park a large jade jar. Used as a wine container by the Yuan Emperor Kublai. Khan when he feted his followers.

The 3.5 ton jar may. Hold as much as 3000litres of wine. Of 493cm and measures 70cm high and 55cm deep in. The elliptic jar is well-shaped and engraved. All round with clouds, waves, dragons and sea horses.

It is the oldest jade object of a large size kept intact. Another large piece worth mentioning is a jade. Sculpture dating from the reign if Qianlong in the 18th.

Entitled Jade Mountain Showing the Great Yu. Taming the Flood, it was sculpted after a Song Dynasty. Painting of a similar title.

The jade carving piece is 2.24. Meters high and 1 meter wide, which depicts vividly the.

Detail how Great Yu with people harnessed the river. According to historical records, the uncut jade stone.

Was 5 tons, which was discovered in Hotan area. It took 3 years to transport the stone to.

Beijing and took 6 years to carve and polish. No wonder it is a national treasure. The item "1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED" is in sale since Tuesday, April 4, 2017.

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  • Total Carat Weight (TCW): 1.52 approx
  • Natural/Lab-Created: Natural
  • Color: Green Apple
  • Shape: Round
  • Treatment: None
  • Brand: Siamgems
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Thailand
  • Gemstone: Jadeite Type A
  • Length: 13 mm approx
  • Width: 13 mm approx
  • Depth: 1.5 mm approx
  • Transparency: Translucent
  • Cut Grade: Very Good

1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED    1 Burmese Jadeite Type A Green Cabochon approx 13x13x1.5 mm/1.5 carats UNTREATED